A 'complete' escorted motorcycle tour package with a bit of style.

So, who are we?

Our company was founded by a husband and wife team that were keen motorcyclists who were always aware that they were living at the wrong end of the country if they truly wanted to enjoy their riding.

Originally from Melbourne with a background in Urban Planning (David) and Community Development (Jen) we arrived at middle age with the growing feeling that there must be more to life than the 9 to 5 stomp (more accurately 8 – 6 for us).  After exploring many options, we decided to move north to an environment where the weather is warmer and there are some of the best motorcycling roads in the country.

Having settled on the mid-north coast of NSW as a region we explored the coast from Port Macquarie to Byron Bay before finally settling on Coffs Harbour as our base.  Coffs was chosen because of its beautiful environment, its proximity to the magnificent Dorrigo Ranges (stunning riding) and because it has a regional airport for our interstate and overseas guests.

What we quickly realised is that there are no motorcycle tours (unless you want to be a pillion), no motorcycle rentals and no motorcycles for hire in the whole region.  So, we decided to fill that gap.  Come and see us at Kickstart for a fabulous motorcycle tour around this gorgeous environment.



What do we do?

There is an old saying…. “If you can combine what you love with what you do, then it will never feel like work again.”

So that’s what we decided to do (well me anyway, poor Jen must go to work to pay the bills).

We are pleased and proud to offer a ‘complete’ escorted motorcycle tour package.  We don’t offer straight motorcycle hire – we go one better and offer you a motorcycle to ride on a well planned tour where we take you on the best roads to the best places.  There’s no need to plan your ride in advance and no need to keep looking at a map or GPS.

As ours is a ‘complete’ tour package we include the motorcycle for you to ride.


So, what type of motorcycles did we choose?

Those of us who truly love riding will appreciate that a motorcycle is so much more than an instrument or a commuter.  For us, riding is not just a form of transport, riding is a passion, it is more about emotion – it’s about how it makes you feel.  The bike sets the mood.

For us, feeling good is about feeling comfortable and confident, and just a bit cool on a bike.  Most of us are not comfortable on a full sports bike or alternatively on 350kgs of American iron.  But getting a bike that is equally capable in the twisties or cruising along the highway, whilst also being a cool ride, is a tall order.

The Japanese have tried to achieve this mix for many years with the UJM (Universal Japanese Motorcycle).  There is no doubt that some of them are very good bikes, in that they can manage both the twisties and the highway, but they just don’t do the ‘cool’ thing very well.

So, after much research and testing we have decided that the best all-rounder that also has the ‘cool’ factor is the beautiful, classically styled Moto Guzzi V7.

Just check out these classic Italian lines:


The Moto Guzzi V7 has been chosen for several reasons, including:

  • The V7 has a low centre of gravity and a low seat height making it easier for shorter riders in particular – and all riders generally.
  • The V7 is light, again making it so much easier for the rider, whether punting through the twisties or simply doing a U-turn in a car park.
  • The V7 has an unthreatening, smooth power delivery combined with an upright riding position which provides for relaxed, confident riding.
  • The V7 sounds wonderful with that classic Italian V-twin rumble, whilst not being offensively loud.
  • The V7 achieves excellent fuel economy of around 20km/litre, which equates to a touring range of over 300kms.


In response to enquiries from riders holding a probationary motorcycle license we have added two lovely Royal Enfield 500 Classic motorcycles to our fleet.  So if you have a probationary license and some experience then you can come along on either the half-day Taster tour or the Big Day Out full day tour….but be prepared to get a heap of attention from the public!

It is worth noting that we do not use rental bikes and we do not rent our bikes to others.  We love our bikes and take extra good care of them.

(Please note that despite our name ‘Kickstart Motorcycle Tours’ – all our bikes are electric start)

So what do the tours look like?

Don’t miss out!