Introducing Eddie the Enfield

So, it’s about that time again to introduce you guys to another bike on our fleet.
Readers of our website would know that we had been presented with the question about how we might accommodate ‘probationary’ license holders. The Guzzis are 750cc and therefore don’t qualify under the LAMS scheme.
This is a real pity because the V7 is one of the most user-friendly bikes on the market. If you can ride a Japanese 250, then you can ride a V7.
However, the bureaucrats decided that they had to draw a line in the sand somewhere, and in addition to a maximum power output, they also put a ceiling on the cubic capacity of the engine at 660cc. This is a bit of a nonsense, as is clearly evidenced by Jen’s former bike (when she was on a probationary license) which was a Ducati 659 Monster. A great bike – of that there is no doubt, but the V7 is a much easier bike to ride; it is more comfortable, more user friendly, and more forgiving.
So, we looked at several LAMS approved bikes which would be easy to ride, but which would also fit in with our cool-retro theme. This ruled out a lot of bikes, as most are designed to appeal to the ‘boy-racer’.
Ultimately, we decided on the Royal Enfield Classic 500. It is cool, made of steel – not plastic, sounds like a proper motorbike, and is dead easy to ride.
We now have two Royal Enfields for you probationary riders out there.
Eddie is finished in Battle Green and looks like he has come straight out of the MASH television series.
Say hello to Eddie the Enfield.

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