Introducing Moe

It’s time to introduce you to another bike in the fleet…A friend back in Melbourne has a dog that is a cross between a Sharpei (Chinese fighting dog) and a Rhodesian Ridgeback (bred to bring down lions). With a heritage like that, it would be easy to conclude that this is one mean dog, and one look at him would also make you wary. But you would be wrong. Moe (that’s his name) is one of those rescue dogs that are really happy to be in a loving home. Moe is chilled and relaxed, whilst managing to look a bit tough.
So, when I was naming our bikes I thought that this was the perfect name for the oldest V7 in the pack.
Moe is a 2012 V7 Classic. He is finished in that gorgeous gloss black with gold pinstriping – very JPS
Moe is fitted with Conti mufflers, buckhorn style handlebars with bar end mirrors, and a few custom mods like a chopped rear guard and aftermarket indicators.
Moe looks cool and sounds tough, but that hides the fact that Moe is the most chilled bike in the squad.
Moe is my bike of choice when I just want to get all black leathered and feel cool.
Say hi to Moe.

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